Debullshified #1: Meme of the week, ROI, and a Life Hack you can’t ignore

Hello and welcome to the first edition of Debullshified – an email and blog posts sequence designed to entertain & educate minus corporate BS.

Before we continue, here’s what we have for you this week:

  • MEME of the week: the OCD Nightmare
  • Metric of the week: ROI
  • LifeHack of the week: Real You vs ‘Product’ You
  • Joke of the week: Florida Man

What’s in it for you?


I’m not kidding..

In these posts you’ll find easy to understand knowledge minus the corporate jargon, that will enable you to navigate the world of make-believe (a.k.a. business) a lot easier.

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MEME of the week

Return on investment is one of the most misunderstood metrics out there. The majority of people seem to think that to measure ROI, you simply minus the expenses you’ve made into something out of the revenue, and voila – you have it.

I wish it was as simple as that… ROI is a metric that is meant to give you a true understanding of the impact of something you’ve done.

To look at it from a the average Joe’s perspective, if you’re a fitness influencer, you won’t just deduct the cost of camera equipment and gym membership out of whatever you’ve made. You have to account for your time, too.

TIME is a valuable asset! Don’t just discard it as if it’s nothing. Whenever you want to measure ROI, apply a monetary value to the time spent working on it. ONLY then you can have the actual cost.

And if you’re in business, remember that your marketing department probably cannot give you the ROI of ads. They can’t calculate salaries, office rent cost, coffee, taxes, CEO salary, etc – all of these are metrics that they won’t know.

What your marketing can give you, is ROAS, and we’ll talk about this one next week.

You and your achievements (or body of work) are two different things! One is the person, the other – the product.

Choose an alter ego for your professional self, give it a name, and treat it as the product others will buy.

YOU are who your family/friends love. The person whom others find valuable with or without anything to show for it.

Your achievements, are a product and the individual that others imagine you to be when they get introduced to those achievements is also a product. Start thinking of it like one.

When someone gets impressed by what you’ve accomplished, give them your time only if there’s something in it for you. They want to learn from you – create a course or offer an hourly fee. They want to know more about your achievements? Write up your story and put it behind a paywall.

REMEMBER with every cell in your being that achievements and accolades are a product which others will evaluate based on what benefit they can personally gain from knowing you or interactive with you. You don’t owe them your personality, nor does their opinion of you matter. The most luxurious item in the world is adored by some, hated by others, and completely unimportant to third.

Do you know about the “Florida Man” phenomenon? No?

Go to Google and type “[Your Birthday] Florida man“. Then, marvel at the results.

Example: 3rd of June Florida man

Author’s Comment: This should be some version of a horoscope.

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