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Blueprint for Marketing Mastery

Empower your senior level staff to integrate marketing at the core at everything that happens within the organisation and generate growth in every department.

Navigate the thrilling journey of scaling your business with this one-day immersion into the pulse of modern marketing.

This workshop offers a roadmap to the dynamic landscape of marketing technology (MarTech) and organisational strategies tailored for leaders ready to embrace the exhilarating challenge of growth. Prepare to transform the way you perceive marketing – this isn’t a mere addendum to your business strategy but the compass guiding your voyage towards greater success.

As you steer your organization into uncharted waters, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the right tools. This workshop offers a treasure chest of knowledge, ranging from intricate strategies to leveraging cutting-edge MarTech solutions, all aimed at propelling your marketing efforts into the stratosphere.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigating the Mindset Shift
    Grasp the transformation required in your perspective as you transition from startup to scaleup. 

  • Optimising Organisational Structure
    Acquire insights on assembling an efficient, growth-oriented marketing department. 

  • Identifying Effective Marketing Strategies
    (Strategy, Objectives, Tactics, Actions)
    Uncover the marketing strategies that catalyse business growth and understand their real-world applications. 

  • What to measure and why
    Identify the marketing metrics that matter and distinguish them from those that are pure vanity. 

  • Unleashing the Power of MarTech
    Dive into the sea of MarTech tools to understand how they can streamline and supercharge your marketing efforts. 

  • Formulating an Action Plan
    Equip yourself with the skills to craft a comprehensive, customised plan to apply your newfound insights to your business. 

Synergised Strategies

The perfect training experience to prepare your executive staff for scaling up or going corporate. This training will help ensure you and your team are ready for your company’s future.

Immerse yourself in the journey of synergy with our “Synergised Strategies” workshop. Designed for dynamic leaders spearheading their business’s growth phase, this course serves as your compass in the complex world of integrated business strategies.

The holistic integration of your business strategies doesn’t only streamline your operations, but it also amplifies your impact and effectiveness, driving you towards your growth objectives faster and more efficiently.

Let us empower you to knit the threads of your disparate strategies into a cohesive, powerful tapestry that propels your business forward.

Learning Outcomes

  • Navigating Integration
    Understand the essential elements of integrating business strategies and their critical role in accelerating growth. 

  • Mastering Cross-Functional Collaboration
    Grasp the importance of fostering cross-functional collaboration to ensure a seamless integration of strategies. 

  • Balancing Efficiency and Innovation
    Learn how to strike the perfect balance between operational efficiency and innovation in a synergised business environment.

  • Overcoming Integration Challenges
    Equip yourself with the skills to tackle the common challenges that arise during the integration process. 

  • Measuring Success
    Identify key performance indicators that accurately measure the success of your integrated strategies.

  • Crafting an Action Plan
    Develop a roadmap to implement integrated business strategies effectively in your organization. 

Decoding Automation

Empower your team to understand, create, grow by designing and implementing automations that will skyrocket your business light years ahead of your competitors.

The digital world is an intricate web woven with a multitude of powerful tools designed to amplify your business growth. Among these, automation stands out, its power and potential often left untapped.

Welcome to “Decoding Automations”, a one-day intensive workshop designed to help you unravel the complexity of automations and wield their power to revolutionise your business processes.

This workshop is designed for visionary leaders on the cusp of a new era in their business growth. With us, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of business automation, arming yourself with the knowledge to steer your company through the choppy waters of growth and expansion.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding Automation Fundamentals
    Master the core concepts of automation and its role in enhancing efficiency and productivity. 

  • Identifying Opportunities for Automation
    Discover how to pinpoint areas in your business processes that are ripe for automation.

  • Selecting the Right Tools
    Dive into the plethora of automation tools available, and learn to select the right ones that meet your specific business needs.

  • Formulating an Automation Strategy
    Learn how to design and implement an effective automation strategy that aligns with your business objectives. 

  • Managing Change with Automation
    Understand the dynamics of change management when introducing automation in your business, to ensure a smooth transition.

  • Developing an Action Plan
    Equip yourself with the know-how to develop a clear, actionable plan for implementing automation in your business. 

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Operations Director

The team at Successful Setup revolutionised our lead generation process. They expertly automated tasks, freeing up our consultants to really focus on providing a personalised customer experience. It felt like we suddenly had an extra pair of hands helping us to stay ahead of the game and always be prepared for client interactions. It was truly impressive to see the difference their automation made to our process and our customers certainly felt it too.


Head of Sales

We were bogged down in weekly meetings, transferring tasks from one team to another – it was a time-draining cycle. Then we found Nina and Successful Setup. Their expertise in automating our task transfer process reduced our meetings by a staggering 70%. With their assistance, we were able to focus on executing tasks instead of constantly reporting. Successful Setup is our secret weapon for improving efficiency

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