Marketing & Sales Automation

Shift Gears

From manual hustle to the effortless ease of automation.

Why walk when you can fly?

That’s what manual marketing and sales processes feel like in a world ripe with automation possibilities. Just as the jet engine revolutionised transportation, automation has the power to catapult your business into a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. Harness this power, lift off the ground, and reach destinations in your business journey faster and more effortlessly than ever before. 

Why Automation?

Improved Efficiency

With automation, repetitive tasks are streamlined, freeing up time for your team to focus on more strategic efforts.

Lead Nurturing

Automation tools allow you to nurture leads systematically, improving conversion rates and creating more loyal customers.

Revenue Growth

Through improved efficiency, lead conversion, and targeted communication, automation directly contributes to revenue growth.

Customer Retention

With automated follow-ups and personalised messages, maintain strong relationships with existing customers to improve retention.

Personalisation at Scale

Deliver personalised messages to hundreds or thousands of contacts at once, increasing engagement rates.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

Gather insightful data about your customers’ behaviour, enabling more informed, data-driven business decisions.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Automate communication between your sales and marketing teams, ensuring everyone has access to the same data and works towards the same goals.

Reduced Human Error

Eliminate the risk of human error in repetitive tasks, ensuring accuracy and consistency in your marketing efforts. 

Leads Automation

Lead Generation / Lead Qualifying / Lead Nurturing

Revolutionise your lead generation with automated marketing technology. Allow your team to focus on nurturing the leads rather than managing them, resulting in more qualified leads in less time. With our automation solutions, you’ll be able to:


your marketing strategy implementation, increasing the efficiency of your promotional efforts.


the automation’s efficiency in gathering and analysing data to tweak your marketing tactics for maximum conversion.


your lead generation process while utilising minimal resources.


where your leads come from and what they’re looking for.

Sales Automation

Unleash the potential of your sales team by automating repetitive tasks and allowing them to focus on what truly matters – your customers. Turn your prospects into loyal customers with a highly efficient and personalized sales process. Through our sales automation services, you can:


your sales process, making it easier for your team to manage prospects and focus on providing exceptional customer service.


customer conversation and customer satisfaction with your sales process.


the amount of time spent on administrative tasks, freeing up your sales team to work on more high-value activities.


your follow-up process, ensuring no lead is left behind.

Customer Journey Automation

Maximize customer satisfaction and cultivate long-term loyalty by providing a seamless and personalized customer experience. Our customer journey automation service will enable you to:


a personalized experience to each customer, enhancing their engagement and loyalty.


your customers’ loyalty by giving them everything they need at the right time.


your customer service processes, ensuring quick and effective resolution of customer issues.


valuable insights into your customer’s behavior, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and improvements.

What’s Included?

For a full list of services, included in Successful Setup’s automation consultancy, please click below.

Best Reasons To Choose Our Services


Years of Experience


Happy Clients


Hours Saved


Operations Director

The team at Successful Setup revolutionised our lead generation process. They expertly automated tasks, freeing up our consultants to really focus on providing a personalised customer experience. It felt like we suddenly had an extra pair of hands helping us to stay ahead of the game and always be prepared for client interactions. It was truly impressive to see the difference their automation made to our process and our customers certainly felt it too.


Head of Sales

We were bogged down in weekly meetings, transferring tasks from one team to another – it was a time-draining cycle. Then we found Nina and Successful Setup. Their expertise in automating our task transfer process reduced our meetings by a staggering 70%. With their assistance, we were able to focus on executing tasks instead of constantly reporting. Successful Setup is our secret weapon for improving efficiency

What to expect, a.k.a
the process

Here’s a detailed, step-by-step guide of the process we employ.

Strategic Evaluation & Plan

Our partnership begins with a deep dive into your business needs.

Throughout this vital discovery stage, your company will benefit from our extensive knowledge as we craft a tailored plan of action. This stage will focus on identifying and where possible, polishing existing processes in preparation for automating elements of your business.

We strive to provide immediate value in this discovery phase itself, standing as your ally and leveraging our profound expertise in marketing, sales, strategy, and automation. 

Tech Stack Infrastructure Design

In this stage we will focus on your existing technology and in tandem we’ll identify what works and what needs improvement.

We’ll finalise the process with a tech stack infrastructure design that will serve your plans for automation and growth.

Automation Architecture Design

Clarity fuels success. In this phase, we’ll create a detailed visualisation of the proposed automation process. By bringing the process to life before execution, we ensure potential errors are pre-emptively addressed and the company can fully appreciate the planned actions. 

Automation Testing & Implementation

This is where thought meets action. We meticulously build, test, and implement the automation strategies, with a relentless focus on precision.

Post-implementation, we actively monitor for several weeks to ensure seamless integration, meeting and exceeding all stakeholder expectations.

Team Upgrade (a.k.a training)

The journey doesn’t end at implementation. In the final stage, we train all staff interacting with the automations, ensuring a solid understanding of its functioning and expectations. When an internal team member is tasked with maintaining and managing the automations, we ensure they’re thoroughly trained, fostering confidence and competence in handling and modifying the delivered work. 

Have a process you’d like to automate?

You don’t need to know exactly how you want it to work – that’s why we’re here. Reach out and let us design your automation flow.