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“Automating your processes is the most new-age thing a business can do. It’s a non-debatable, must-have for anyone who’s serious about business.”

Nina Alexander

Founder & CEO

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we receive. If you have a question that isn’t answered here, reach out to us and we’d happily answer any query you may have.

How much does marketing and sales automation cost?

Will it be a surprise if we say that the cost depends on too many factors and that it is impossible to predict? Some of the factors are simple – which tools are you going to use and what level of subscription you will require. Other factors, however, are more complex – how many processes are you looking to automate, how do they overlap, and how straight-forward the automation will be.

If you’d like to discuss a potential quote, do reach out to our team for a no-obligation consultation during which we will discuss your options and consider the best scenario for your individual case.

What industries do you specialise in?

Automation is the inevitable future of all industries, but our focus lies particularly with tech companies, including SaaS, Custom Software Development, Innovative Software & Hardware tools & technologies, IT, Blockchain, AI, and pretty much everyone who is in the world of technology.

How does the process work?

At Successful Setup we’ve designed the 5-step process in which we believe in wholeheartedly. You can appoint us as your trusted partner for all five steps or only for one or two of them. The steps are:

🔹Strategic Evaluation & Plan
🔹Tech Stack Infrastructure Design
🔹Automation Architecture Design
🔹Automation Testing & Implementation
🔹Team Upgrade (a.k.a training)

Have a process you’d like to automate?

You don’t need to know exactly how you want it to work – that’s why we’re here. Reach out and let us design your automation flow.